Our fully managed IT solutions cut costs, while increasing efficiency and productivity

We’ll help you grow by minimizing inputs and maximizing outputs

Like all manufacturers, you must stay on top of technology to find leaner, more effective ways to operate. Minimizing downtime of your current IT infrastructure is also vital, as even a few seconds of downtime can have a big impact on the balance sheet. But simply buying the latest software or device won’t produce results, and these new additions can often cause more problems than they solve. You need experienced IT professionals to customize technology that meets your unique goals as a manufacturer.

That’s where LANConnect Systems comes in. Whether you need to outsource your entire IT infrastructure or add supplemental services, our experts can set up, manage, and maintain your IT solutions so they are always operating at peak performance and you can focus on managing production. As your long-term partner, we’ll be there with 24/7/365 support, so you’ll always get the most out of your technology, equipment, and people.

Our IT solutions help your manufacturing company with:
  • Expert consultants that design and execute detailed IT roadmaps, keeping your IT agile and aligned with your strategy
  • Complete networking of the most advanced wired and wireless technologies for secure, reliable, scalable, and high-performing connections for any location
  • Real-time optimization of physical and virtual computing infrastructures to stay efficient and secure
  • Automatic backups and disaster planning so you never lose data and can quickly recover from any incident
  • Advanced, user-friendly software, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for top-to-bottom cooperation and collaboration