IT to keep your accounting operations lean, agile, scalable, and compliant

Accounting simplified

Accounting functions are essential to a business’s success, including bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services. The large amounts of confidential information and stringent government regulations demand a secure, agile, and streamlined IT infrastructure. Otherwise, data can get lost or stolen for malicious purposes, growth can be halted by unscalable, inefficient processes, and you can face government audits and penalties. But LANConnect Systems has you covered.

Since 2003, we’ve been partnering with accounting firms just like yours to provide customized, finance industry-specific IT solutions that streamline operations for more flexible workflows and easier navigation of changing regulations. We can seamlessly migrate your systems to the cloud and manage them around the clock so your infrastructure is always secure and operating at peak performance. Our real-time data backups and disaster recovery planning guarantee you never lose data and can quickly resume operations after any disaster.

Our IT solutions can benefit your accounting practice with:
  • Expert consultants that align your IT with your business strategy for maximum ROI on your IT investment
  • Assessment and implementation of security and compliance programs
  • Proactive management and maintenance of your entire IT infrastructure for maximum uptime
  • In-depth planning of your business continuity and disaster recovery programs
  • Deployment of cloud computing, hosting, and data center solutions for agile, secure, and efficient processes