LANConnect Systems vs. Other IT Companies

You can expect average results from average IT companies

WARNING: We are about to let you in on a secret about how most computer companies really make their money and what you can expect from them!


The Pay-By-The-Hour IT Company

This is called the "break-fix" practice. Their business model is based on the hope that your technology will break, and you pay them to fix it. Technicians come to your office to solve a specific computer issue. They often have goals and expectations for the amount of billable time they accrue. Consequently, the techs want to complete the task and move on to the next client as soon as possible. They simply don't have the motivation to resolve other issues, answer questions, or run maintenance on systems to minimize downtime. There's also no reason to show anyone in your organization how to resolve even a simple problem for themselves because that means one less billable call in the future. This reactive method has high fees and productivity losses, and is unsustainable for business owners.


The "Preventative" Maintenance IT Company

Some tech support companies offer preventative maintenance by scheduling visits regularly in advance. This is so the technician can fill up their day with as many on-site visits as possible. When the tech visits your office, they usually have a block of time to complete a series of proactive maintenance tasks to keep your IT running smoothly. This sounds pretty good so far, right? Unfortunately, the tech usually doesn't have the flexibility to go over the allotted time, especially without getting approval to bill you, so your issues may not get solved even when the tech shows up. Conversely, if the tech finishes the tasks early, they are often instructed to just find other things to do to fill the block of time, or even worse, just move on to the next client. You'll pay the same whether you get your hour or if it only takes 15 minutes. Tech support companies love this model because it guarantees them billable hours without risk. If you need more help, they simply add more hours to your bill.


Then there's the LANConnect Systems way!

We do things differently. We combine the best aspects of hourly support and the best aspects of preventative maintenance, add a live help desk that anyone can call without an extra fee, all for an easy-to-budget flat rate. To keep our costs low and our clients happy, we've invested many resources into a support infrastructure that automatically monitors your servers and workstations, proactively detecting problems before they cause you downtime, keeping you secure, up to date, and productive, 24/7/365. We can even include unlimited on-site support visits! Stop paying outrageously high, unpredictable, hourly rates. Get proactive and give everyone in your company the support they need, when they need it, without the huge costs. Save time, money, and sleep soundly at night with LANConnect Systems!